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Covid-19 Statement & Actions

At Henry’s we take the safety of our staff and you, our customers very seriously. We have put in a number of measures in line with government guidelines to help ensure this.

These guidelines must be adhered to until at least 21/06/21, in line with current Government legislation.

– Customers must wait on the pavement directly outside, socially distanced, until a team member comes to escort you in.

– Booking is not necessary – but advisable.

– You can book a table in advance by phoning 01803 551190.  If we do not pick up, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

– We offer a 2 hour time slot as standard (where available)  If you are late, we will “hold” a table for 15 minutes, and then it will be reassigned.  Please let us know if you can’t make it.

– We can only admit a party of up to 6 people, or 2 families.

– Every customer over the age of 16 must leave track and trace details upon entry.  You can use the NHS app, or alternatively, leave your name and phone number which will be recorded by our team member.  Note: all data recorded will be held securely for 21 days, and then destroyed.  It will not be used for any other purpose, unless requested by NHS track and trace.

– Customers are all required to wear a close fitting face covering – this is a mask, NOT a visor.  These can only be removed once you are seated at your table.  They must also be worn if moving around the building, eg whilst accessing the toilets. (Exemptions may apply)

– All customers must use the automatic antibacterial hand gel dispenser in the entrance, on every entry. There are also other dispensers located around the pub.

– Once shown to your table by the team member, it will be strictly table service only.  Your order will be taken from, and delivered to your table.  Customers must remain at their tables, and not wonder around the pub.

– We are now taking cash, but would much prefer if you could pay by card.

– If you would like to set up a TAB, a debit/credit card will be required for security.  We have a “CARDSAFE” system in place to secure your card.  You will be asked to place your card in a lockable box, and you will keep the numbered key, until you need to pay.  Please let the team member know, and they will be happy to help.  Otherwise, you can “pay as you go”

– If you need to visit the toilet, you must wear your mask.  The toilets are located upstairs at the rear of the building.  The stairs are too narrow for 2 people to cross and maintain social distancing.  Therefore, we ask if anyone going up the stairs would allow anyone either coming down the stairs, or out of the kitchen, to pass before you go up.  The stairs are “L” shaped, so we have positioned a mirror half way up to help you see.  Please wait on the yellow feet floor sticker at the bottom of the stairs.

If you require any assistance with this, please ask a team member.

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